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Suleimenov Almas

On 14 May 2018, the parents of Almas went to Astana hospital complaining about the child's hard stomach. On examination, the doctors noticed a lump on the right side of his abdomen. After performing the blood tests, CT, ultrasound, electrocardiography, the child was referred to the oncology department of the maternity and Childhood Center, with the suspicion of Wilms Tumor.
On May 22, after reviewing all the test results, they were given a devastating diagnosis - cancer.
The family's life has changed 360 degrees, the mother of Almas at that time was 5 months pregnant with her third child.
On May 28, Almas began receiving chemotherapy to undergo the operation.
On June 29, he had surgery to remove the tumor, although the kidney could not be saved.
A week after the operation, the histological study and diagnosis were concluded: "Neuroblastoma, combined version".
At the same time, the analyses were sent to the Rogachev Cancer Centre in Moscow.
In July, Almas began receiving radiation therapy, and the results of the Rogachev Cancer Center analysis were received, the final diagnosis being clear cell sarcoma of the kidney.
In November, he received a new cycle of chemotherapy in Astana, but all indicators are dropping and therefore the child's condition is critical.

It was clear that they could not help him either in Kazakhstan or in Russia.
The family has been able to raise enough money to come and start treatment at the hospital de Sant Joan de Deu.

In our events, 1783 euros have been raised and transferred for the treatment of Almas, and the family is covered with everything necessary for the daily life of the little one.

3 years old

Kazakhstan, Astana

Sarcoma, clear cell kidney, group 3, high risk.