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Art exhibit in “Biblioteсa”, Lloret de Mar

15:05 / Posted on November 9, 2018

9 november

9 November 2018 was carried out the grand opening of the exposition in Biblioteca in Lloret de Mar.

We hope that this event will arouse considerable interest of the public to make it an annual ceremony.

Every painting on the exhibition participates in charity. Part funds of sales will be transferred to the Fund account to help children with critical medical conditions.

We thank all artists who have agreed to support our initiative and brought their paintings!

We thank Vitaliy Leshukov, Rubio Serra Enric, @Blanca Stella González Galerón for their active participation in organizing the event. Their works were showcased within the exhibition as well.

Special thanks go to Ajuntament De Lloret De Mar, represented by the Mayor Jaume Dulsat and his Assistant for Culture Albert Robert I Ribot, for providing the exhibition hall and their assistance in organizing the art show.

We also wish to thank all of mentioned below who helped us to create a relaxing atmosphere and unforgettable moments to savor:

• Musicians Vitalii Karpov и Natalia Ursataia Deviatkina;
• Winery Marques de Berol Wines for providing fine wines;
• Restaurant La Fusta for information support and beverages provided;
• "We are in Lloret" Association for information support;
• Camera Operator Anna Nemyrovych и A+A production for photos and videos.

15:05 / Posted on November 9, 2018