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Back in the USSR

Back in the USSR

23:45 / Posted on November 22, 2018

We kindly thank all of those who took part in the event November 22, 2018!
Together we raised €800 that may help us partly finance medical check-up for little Masha Mosunova (learn more on www.fbmaria.es).

Huge thanks to:
- the brilliant lecturer Natalia Shustrova who helped us to dive into the art history of the past;
- Floratelie for flowers provided and donations;
- all of those who provided lots for the lottery: Begemot Art & Fashion, beauty salon Sakurami, artists Vitaliy Leshukov, Katya Leshukova, Olga Zaitseva, Elena Vaniukhina, Flor Decor Barcelona, Nelly Selish, Evgenya Veretennikova, Elena  Tynyanskih, Swiss Aesthetics Barcelona, Ekaterina Pokatina, Kseniya Kozlova;
- the girls who helped with party organizing.

The meal served at the party brought back remarkable tastes from the childhood.
We thank Larisa Afanasyeva, Elena Prisyazhnaya, Evgenya Veretennikova and all who helped us.
And special thanks to Spanish Boutique Wine Cava Joan Segura Pujadas for beverages provided.
Also we cannot but mention our dear volunteered photographer Aliya Abizhanova and tell her our thank you for amazing photographing. You can find all pictures of the event in the discussion.

23:45 / Posted on November 22, 2018